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Launch of fourth Reichmuth infrastructure fund

Launch of third Reichmuth infrastructure fund

Third mandate from an institutional client

Infrastructure branch in Zurich

Second mandate from an institutional client

Launch of second Reichmuth infrastructure fund

First mandate from an institutional client

Launch of first Reichmuth infrastructure fund

InRoll Ltd. founded

Reichmuth & Co Investment Management AG (RIMAG) founded

Our value proposition

In 2012, we took on a pioneering role in rail freight wagon investments with the launch of InRoll Ltd. This marked the birth of our infrastructure platform. Since then, we’ve successfully managed over CHF 2.0 billion for our investors through our collective investments, mandates and individual solutions, while always remaining true to our clear approach, vision and mission.

Working with our partners, we develop high-growth, sustainable platforms and infrastructure projects in the mid-market segment in Europe.

We support the energy transition and decarbonisation through our innovative transport and energy projects.

We target specific sustainable infrastructure investments in the transport and energy sectors, generating stable returns.

One team. One common goal.

Our infrastructure team is ready to assist you in Switzerland and Germany. Our dedicated employees are our most valuable asset. We value individual strengths and encourage taking on responsibility.

Silvan Bieri WEB

Silvan Bieri

Finance / Operations Manager


Julian Börner

Client Relations Manager
Reichmuth & Co Munich

Andreas Bühler WEB

Andreas Bühler

Head of Legal & Sustainability

Alessandro Ferrarini WEB

Alessandro Ferrarini

Junior Investment Manager

Stefan Hasenboehler WEB

Dr. Stefan Hasenböhler

Head of Infrastructure
CEO RIMAG, Partner

Thomas Hofer WEB

Thomas Hofer

Client Relations Manager

Heinz Lukas Hoier WEB

Heinz Lukas Hoier

Junior Investment Manager

Christian Ilgner WEB

Christian Ilgner

Senior Investment Manager
Head of Energy

Roland Kaufmann WEB

Roland Kaufmann

Senior Investment Manager
Head of Transport

Anil Mahawattage WEB

Anil Mahawattage

Asset Manager

Marco Mengotti WEB

Marco Mengotti

Client Relations Manager

Felix Michel WEB

Felix Michel

Investment Manager

Marc Moser WEB

Marc Moser

Head of Client Relations

Adil Moustaj WEB

Adil Moustaj

Asset Manager


Christof Omlin

Senior Client Relations Manager
Reichmuth & Co Munich

Michael Otte WEB

Michael Otte

Head of Finance / Operations
RIMAG Management Board

Stephan Rihm WEB

Stephan Rihm

Senior Investment Manager
Head of Aviation


Raphael Schmitt

Asset Manager

Michal Sipos WEB

Michal Sipos

Senior Investment Manager

Mario Tgetgel WEB

Mario Tgetgel

Asset Manager

Martina Triulzi WEB

Martina Triulzi

Client Relations

Matteo Vercesi WEB

Matteo Vercesi

Junior Investment Manager

Raphael Wandeler WEB

Raphael Wandeler

Working student


Marco Wapf

Asset Manager

Nicolas Wyss WEB

Nicolas Wyss

Head of Investment Management

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